The Whispering Ward h264_00_05_31_36_Still029.jpg
Subterranean style

Night shift

polaroid 600 expired h264_00_01_45_30_Still006.jpg gatherings1000px.jpg
Diverse Gatherings

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The meeting

expired px600 film
Model citizen

Triple transparency light box
The Automaton

montage shot on px70 cool
Zenith wall (00157).jpg
Model Citizen

triple transparency, px 600 cool, px 680 cp, slr 680 in Space_v2.jpg
Floating in Space
Last Night

Double exposure shot on px680
If you cut me I bleed (2010)

Single channel video installation, SFSA 2010
Daisy walker

double exposure shot on px600 UV Black frame

px600 Double exposure talk038.jpg
Let's Talk
The Flock

Px 680 cool, Thames Barrier
The Party's over
Night angles

Double exposure shot on px 680

single exposure shot on px600 cool
Electric Blue Monday

Triple transparency lightbox block.jpg
Beneath you
Game's Over

Greenwich Park
Permission to Land
Left turn dose.jpg
Daily dose hand_v2.jpg
The Upper Hand

double exposure shot on px 600 cool, Camden
Phone Booths

Multi exposure, px 680
Ferris Wheel
The path divides

px 600 film
Human Bombs

Double Transparency, px70, px600

Px 600 UV black frame, Moscow
Daisy Walker

Triple transparency light box
Plastic people

Triple transparency light box
View from the Edge

Thames path, px 70
Electric Avenue
Fishermen on a frozen lake

Px 600 UV Black frame, Moscow
Human Bombs

Triple transparency light box (2).jpg

Double exposure, px 680, London Bridge
Eastern promise
Conflict of interest

2 layer backlit transparency shot with px-600 cool Soul.jpg
Hidden Orchestra

Backlit transparency lightbox
Traveller in time

Triple transparency light box